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Community Health Assessment

As part of a process to help guide us as we explore options and opportunities related to the delivery of public health services for our residents, Douglas County will be soliciting significant stakeholder input to conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA) specific to our communities. This work is being performed by Health Management Associates (HMA), a research and consulting firm, with public health expertise.

The CHA will identify health problems and issues that exist in our community, factors that create or determine health problems, resources available to address the health problems, and health needs of the community from a population-based perspective.

Community Meetings
Community Health Meetings were held in early Oct. at locations throughout the County.  Below is data from the online survey and meetings:

Community Health Survey
The first step toward creating a CHA is a Community Health Survey which gathers input from community members to help identify and understand opinions about health issues and the quality of life in Douglas County. The survey closed on Sept. 7, 2021.

Community Health Assessment Process
The information collected during phase one – the Community Health Survey – will be compiled by HMA who will then conduct meetings across the County, virtually and in-person, to share the results from your community and the entire county, and gather additional input about your health priorities.

These meetings are the second phase of gathering community input. What HMA learns through the survey and the community meetings will be used to create the CHA and presented to the County. The priorities identified by you will be used in the final phase, creating the Douglas County Public Health Improvement Plan (PHIP). The health improvement plan will aid the county in program planning and budgeting resources over the next few years.

Public Health Improvement Plan (PHIP)

The PHIP will address needs identified in the CHA.  The County is in the process of securing several other consultants to support the work of the Public Health Working Group and dovetail with the findings of the CHA and the development of the PHIP.

Proposed Timeline for the CHA and PHIP to be completed by December 31, 2021.

Phase Completion Date
Phase 1:  Planning the Process September 2021
Phase 2: Identify and Engage Stakeholders December 2021
Phase 3: Conduct CHA October 2021, with an exception of documenting for PHAB accreditation by December 2021
Phase 4: Conduct Capacity Assessment October 2021, with exception of documenting by December 2021
Phase 5: Prioritize Issues December 2021
Phase 6: Develop a PHIP December 2021
Phase 7: Recommendations for Implementation, Promotion, and Monitoring December 2021