2040 CMP Draft Referral

Referral Draft 2040 Douglas County CMP Documents

The “redline-strikethrough version” shows the edits, additions, removals, rearrangements, and select comments to the 2035 CMP. The “clean” version shows the Referral Draft 2040 CMP without any mark ups; this can be clearer for reading and reviewing content. Also included are Referral Draft CMP Maps. Mapping technology has improved greatly since the last update, so the maps reflect these technological changes.

Depending on individual viewing preferences, there are several options to review the Referral Draft 2040 CMP document and maps.

Below is the Referral Draft 2040 CMP – redline-strikethrough version organized by section, with corresponding maps.  To open a draft section or a map, please click on the individual section or map below.

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