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Driveway permit submittal requirements 

Prior to the issuance of a building permit, properties are evaluated for driveway access requirements, building site location, building materials, and defensible space/wildfire mitigation requirements. When an application for a driveway permit is submitted, the address for the property must be posted; and the centerline of the driveway and the corners of the home site must be staked. This should be completed within 24-hours of submitting the application. Failure to post and stake the property will delay the processing of the permit application. View the Douglas County Driveway Regulations and Policies.

In areas where driveway permits are not required but wildfire hazards do exist, structures are evaluated for location and defensible space requirements. If your project is determined to be in a wildfire hazard area as determined by an on-site assessment by the wildfire mitigation staff, a $120.00 fee will be assessed to the permit fee for the required inspections. Both preliminary and final inspections are completed prior to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

A Form Inspection (Driveway) is required when asphalt or concrete is used for the driveway surface.   The scope of the inspection includes only the portion of the driveway that is located within the County right-of-way or the connection to the private road.

Driveway permits for existing structures are required on existing residential structures for work in the County right-of-way such as paving an existing gravel drive.