Recycle / Trash Transfer Facility SP2017-056

Compark Filing 2, 6th Amendment, Lots 6A1 and 6A2

Douglas County received and is processing an application for a Site Improvement Plan (SIP) for a Recycle / Trash Transfer Facility within the Compark Planned Development.  The specific properties are Compark Filing 2, 6th Amendment, Lots 6A1 and 6A2, which are approximately 800 feet west of Chambers Road and on the north side of Grasslands Drive.  Due to interest in this application, Douglas County developed this page to provide additional information and resources regarding the SIP.  Updated information will be posted when additional submittals or documents are provided to the County.  All comments received during the process will be placed in the Project File SP2017-056, forwarded to the applicant, and reviewed as part of the assessment in making the final determination.

Additional Information