Wildfire Preparedness

Give yourself a fighting chance against wildfires.

**July 26, 2018 – Fire Restrictions Lifted
Effective immediately, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is lifting all fire restrictions for all areas of unincorporated Douglas County. Recent rainfall and cooler temperatures have reduced the danger of wildfire; however, people are encouraged to be vigilant as the danger of fire is always present. *

It seems like every year there’s a major wildfire in Colorado.  And not one homeowner ever thought it could happen to them.  So take charge.  Learn how you can protect your family –including pets and livestock — and your home before there is a fire.  Sign up for Douglas County Code Red wildfire notification. Clear trees and brush from around the perimeter of your homeCome up with an escape plan. And don’t wait for permission to leave. Know when to go. And give yourself a fighting chance. 

How You Can Protect Your  Home and Property

Homeowners can take steps to protect their property and help alleviate the spread of wildland fires. Many Coloradans living in the foothills in ponderosa and lodgepole forests need to consider the fire-prone nature of these ecosystems.

Due to Colorado’s arid climate and fire-dependent forests, many homeowners and landowners may be particularly vulnerable to wildfires. It is important to keep this threat in mind when buying or building a home.

Fire is unpredictable. If there are weaknesses in your home’s fire protection scheme, fire can gain the upper hand because of some overlooked or seemingly inconsequential factor. By creating wildfire-defensible zones (738 KB PDF), homes are less vulnerable from this naturally occurring phenomenon and the chance of spreading wildfires is greatly reduced.  For more information visit the Colorado State Forest Service.

 Douglas County Disaster Preparedness Guide

Get started now.  Create your family emergency plan.  Learn how to protect yourself and your loves ones – including your pets – before, during and after a disaster.

View this free guide by clicking on the Disaster Preparedness guide for a pdf format or download it to your mobile device by following the instructions below:

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