A View of the Past: Overview : 13,000 Years Before Present to 1950
Object Name:
Projectile Point
Quartzite biface, tip missing; similar to projectile points assigned to the Paleoindian period, Plano stage, possibly Agate Basin complex (10,000 to 10,500 years before present). It is lanceolate with slightly convex sides, broken near the mid-point. Munsell color 10YR 7/4 grayish orange to 10YR 5/4 moderate yellowish brown.
Object ID:
W-20.72 L-37.77 D-7.34 cm
Site Name:
Bayou Gulch
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Paleoindian PointPaleoindian Point
Projectile PointProjectile Point
Projectile Point IDProjectile Point ID