LARKSPUR BOTTLE COLLECTION : Larkspur History through the Eyes of its Bottles

Bill Fischer, of Fischer Construction, uncovered and donated twelve bottles to the Larkspur Historical Society in 2013. The collection includes six clear, four colored and two unique clay bottles, ranging in age from the late 19th century through the early 1930s. As you peruse the collection, you will see a chronological progress of the bottle industry. The bottles demonstrate the population migration focused on the development of early commerce in Larkspur. The collection was uncovered near the Denver Rio Grande Railroad track east of the main street running through Larkspur. This site was originally the old business district. In the flood of 1965, the area washed away along with other portions of Douglas County. The town of Larkspur is a small Home Rule community south of Castle Rock, founded in 1871. The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad selected this area as a high point of land for their track location. Freight and passenger trains serviced the community until the mid-20th century, picking up milk cans, lumber and product from the local gypsum and clay mines. A local post office established in the 1870s, continues to serve the community. * Collection of bottles donated to the Douglas County Repository by Danna Hamling, Board member of the Larkspur Historical Society - October 2013.

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