: The History of the William Converse Ranch
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Jar, Food Storage
Food storage jar, Ball in slanting script with straight line finial under the name and the B completely attached, above MASON trademark. Quart jar with Mason shoulder seal, round corners. A feature of this jar is a series of vertical ridges on one side for gripping, embossed fruit in an oval with design around the outside on another side, measuring lines on the third side in cups and ounces. GENUINE BALL SCULPTURED GLASS in the base around the center circle. 62, MASON JAR C19 above each other center of the base. MADE IN USA under the vertical ridges. Clear glass with some patina.
Circa 1935, Ball Bros. CO., Muncie, Indiana
See Brockway Surgrip, Brockway Glass Co.
H—7 D—0.12 Dia—3.68 Cir—12.75 inches
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Hidden Mesa Open Space
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Ball Mason Fruit JarBall Mason Fruit Jar