Late Prehistoric Stage (A.D. 150 — A.D. 1540) : A Millennium before European Contact
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Projectile Point
Chert Projectile Plains Side Notched, Late Prehistoric Period 500—177 Years Before Present
(AD 1450—1773) Triangular Blade, Plano Convex, Longitudinal Cross Section Biconvex, Straight Shoulder, Slightly Expanding Stem, Subconcave Base, Random Flaked with Some Retouch Present. These Points were coupled with Upper Republican ceramics. Transitional Plains Upper Republican ceramics and Shoshonean ceramics (Gilmore 1991: 124—125
5 YR 8/1 Pinkish Grey
Thesis Heidi Gut Hays August 2008 Page 141—142

W—11.5 L—14.6 D—3.08 cm
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Blackfoot Cave
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Chert Projectile PointChert Projectile Point