Late Prehistoric Stage (A.D. 150 — A.D. 1540) : A Millennium before European Contact
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Projectile Point
Petrified wood (listed as chert) projectile point, corner—notched, damaged base, translucent with darker orange—brown interior. Found in an Early Ceramic Period component (A.D. 92—983) but it is possible that it originated as a dart point in the Late Archaic then reused as a knife in the Early Ceramic. Munsell 10YR 5/4 Moderate yellowish brown
W—23.41 L—35.54 D—6.08 cm
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Rueter—Hess Oeskeso Site
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Projectile Point/KnifeProjectile Point/Knife
Projectile PointProjectile Point
Projectile Point BackProjectile Point Back