Ivan's Blacksmith Shop : The Smithy, A Pioneer's Best Friend
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Hammer, Forging
This is a large blacksmith's power trip hammer with electric motor ( Little Giant). It has a foot treadle, leaving both of the blacksmith's hands free to hold the metal or tongs. This type of machine saved many a blacksmith's elbow, as it mechanically hammers hot metal. It replaces the action of a person hammering hot metal by hand and or served as the hammer and anvil. Little Gaints were first sold in 1895. This particular machine was sold new from the factory in Mankato, Minnesota on 3-21-1936 to J.M. Hoss of Lyons,Kansas. It was sold with a motor. This model is what we term a ' transitional ' hammer, as it is a combination of features of the very early style Little Gaints and of the newer machines. It is a 50 lb hammer weighing about 1800 pounds.
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2533 Liggett Road
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Power Blacksmith Trip HammerPower Blacksmith Trip Hammer