Chip Seal

The Chip Seal Projects for 2018 are complete.

Project Description

This project consists of chip sealing streets at several locations in the county.  If they exist, broken and damaged sidewalks are fixed and curb ramps are replaced by the sidewalk contractor, ahead of this project.

Chip seal requires 4 steps:

  • Step 1: The cracks in the street are filled, usually in the fall or spring before the chip seal.
  • Step 2: A layer of asphalt emulsion is sprayed on the street.
  • Step 3: Immediately after the asphalt emulsion is sprayed, a layer of small rocks is spread  and rolled into the emulsion.
  • Step 4: A couple of days after the the rock is placed, the street is swept and a final layer of quick-setting asphalt is sprayed on top of the rock


View the project map for detailed schedule information.


Project Inspector

Dan Roberts
Phone: 303-396-5627


My street has a lot of leftover loose rock.  Will the contractor come back and sweep that up?
The contractor is required to sweep the street several times to make sure any loose rock is removed.  If it has been several days since the work was finished and loose rock remains, contact the Project Inspector to schedule additional street sweeping.

My vehicle was towed because it was left in the construction zone.  How do I find out where it went?
Please contact Westside Towing at 303-688-5244 for information on where your car was towed.

For all other issues, contact Douglas County Public Works Engineering at or 303-660-7490.