Concrete Street Repairs


 Douglas County takes COVID-19 seriously and will ensure our contractors follow appropriate health and safety practices as recommended by the Association of General Contractors (AGC) and Colorado Contractors Association (CCA)


Project Description

The 2020 Concrete Street Repairs Project is now complete.


Why is the county replacing pavement sections on Crowfoot Valley Road?
The concrete pavement on Crowfoot Valley Road is over 20 years old and sections have been damaged by alkali-silica reaction (ASR) and chemical deicers, which are causing the concrete to disintegrate.  Some sections have experienced accelerated wear due to heavy traffic and also need to be replaced.  The planned work will extend the useful life of the pavement by several years.

Why wasn’t the project finished last year?
Sections of pavement on Crowfoot Valley Road from the Town of Castle Rock to Pradera Parkway were repaired using available funding in 2019.  Additional funding was set aside as part of this year’s pavement management budget in order to complete the work.

For all other issues, contact Dan Roberts, Project Engineer for Douglas County Public Works Engineering at [email protected] or 303-660-7487.