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Drainage Improvement Projects


Mile High Flood District (MHFD)
MHFD has partnered with 41 local governments to master plan drainage improvements through the Denver Metro area; design, construct and maintain stream corridors including removal of trash and debris; provide flood warning services, and develop resources related to improving water quality in our streams.  The program leverages local government dollars to fund stream projects that reduce flood risk and provide community amenities.  The 2021 work plan includes the following Douglas County projects:

  • Newlin Gulch at Recreation Drive
  • Cherry Creek at Dransfeldt Drive
  • Jordan Creek at Bradbury Ranch
  • Compark Channel South
  • Timbers Creek downstream of Fox Sparrow Road
  • Marcy Gulch, Tresana Clubhouse to HRP in Highlands Ranch
  • Happy Canyon Creek north of Lincon Avenue
  • Happy Canyon Creek upstream of I-25
  • Marcy Gulch, Mountain Vista High School to Wildcat

Other Partnership Projects:

  • Lowell Ranch – E. Plum Creek Restoration Project (Douglas County Conservation District)
  • Tenderfoot Drive Pond Dredging (DC Open Space)
  • Perry Park Upper Pond Dredging (Perry Park Metro District)

For further information call Douglas County Engineering at 303-660-7490 or Zak Humbles, Project Manager.

Highlands Ranch Drainage Projects:  In Highlands Ranch alone, there are approximately 500,000 feet of pipe in existing stormwater systems and cross culverts.  The Douglas County Storm Sewer Video Program has already completed videos of half of these locations, and the next half will be accomplished within the next couple of years.  Staff began repairing these pipes over the last five years and over 10,000 feet have already been repaired or will be repaired by the end of 2020.  The sizes of these pipes vary from 15-inch to 126-inch, and repairs will be ongoing as the aging infrastructure required.

For further information on culvert repair projects please contact Engineering at 3030-660-7490 or Shawn Dankenbring, Project Manager.

Pinery Drainage Project:  

Phase 1 – The Pinery Water & Sanitation District replaced water mains within certain roadways in the Pinery to repair roadside drainage issues.  The County provided funding for additional survey, design, and construction needed to include the drainage fixes in the District’s project.  Construction began mid-January 2020 and was completed in May 2020.

Phase 2  is a Developmental Phase for the Pinery Systemic Drainage Repair Program. Staff will work with property owners to develop feasible solutions to the drainage issues. Public outreach and property owner education about the importance of maintaining drainage infrastructure will be included in this phase.

Other Drainage Projects

Projects include drainage pipe repair and replacement projects, major erosion repair projects and other drainage related projects.  The following are the projects identified to complete in 2020:

  • Thunderhill Road Pipe Repair Project (Contractor is C&L Water Solutions)
  • Tomah Rd. (Bear Dance Dr. to Keene Ranch) Drainage Repair Project (Contractor is Hudick Civil)
  • Parker North Swale Repair Project
  • Miller Building Pond Repair
  • Justice Center Pond Repair
  • Heath & Human Service Pond Repair
  • FP-B1 Baldwin Gulch Dam Conversion Project
  • FP-P1 Pine Gulch Dam Conversion Project
  • FP-S1 Stroh Dam Conversion Project
  • WCC 7 Dam Conversion Project
  • Highline Canal Partnership
  • Inca Drive Drainage Repair

If you have any questions about Drainage Projects, please contact Sean Owens, P.E., Special Projects Manager.