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Drainage Improvement Projects

Culvert Repair Projects

  • Spruce Mountain Road Emergency Culvert Repair Project
    Special Projects staff is working on the emergency repair of a box culvert erosion failure on the edge of Spruce Mt. Road one-half mile south of the Fox Farm Road intersection. The erosion failure was undercutting the existing roadway. The roadway has been secured with concrete barriers. The contractor has started repairs of the erosion failure and will complete repairs to the drainage crossing over the next month – anticipated completion Jan. 2020. One lane closure with delays will be in place at times with very short delays.
  • Perry Park Road Culvert Repair 
    An existing culvert will be replaced on S. Perry Park Road (DC105) just north of Dawson Road.  One lane closure will be in place during this project starting Feb. 2020.
  • Rural Culvert Repair Projects
    Repairs of 21 rural culvert locations throughout the County will occur by early summer 2020.  These culvert repairs are typically completed in a day or two with minimal impact on travelers.

For further information on culvert repair projects please contact Douglas County Engineering at 303-660-7490 or Shawn Dankenbring, Project Manager.

Drainage Partnership Projects:  Urban Drainage Flood Control (UDFCD) and Douglas County will partner for the following 2020 Drainage Projects: 

  • Happy Canyon Creek through Grandview Estates – North of Lincoln Avenue – Improvements Project
  • Happy Canyon Creek near Surrey Ridge – near I-25 – Project
  • Timbers Creek Project
  • Plum Creek between Titan and Airport Road Project
  • Cohens Drainage Improvements Project
  • Fonders Draw Drainage Improvements Project

For further information call Douglas County Engineering at 303-660-7490 or Brad Robenstein, Project Manager.

Other Partnership Projects:

  • Lowell Ranch – E. Plum Creek Restoration Project (Douglas County Conservation District)
  • Giloon Pond Dredging (Perry Park Metro District)
  • Tenderfoot Drive Pond Dredging (DC Open Space)

For further information call Douglas County Engineering at 303-660-7490 or Zak Humbles, Project Manager.

Highlands Ranch Drainage Projects: Several (thousands) cross-road culverts and minor stormwater systems in the county are evaluated for safety on a five-year basis. This is a perpetual culvert inspection program that is designed to discover any problems that pose a safety hazard or structural deficiency, so repairs can begin.   Drainage/storm sewer/culvert evaluation and improvement projects & Storm Sewer Video Program has identified approximately 100 storm sewer pipes that need repair or replacement in Highlands Ranch.

Repair and Replacement locations identified for 2020:

  • Greenland Road culvert replacement
  • Patterson Road culvert replacement
  • Roundup Road culvert replacement

Pinery Drainage Project:  

Phase 1 – The Pinery Water & Sanitation District will be replacing water mains within certain roadways in the Pinery to repair roadside drainage issues.  The County provided funding for additional survey, design, and construction needed to include the drainage fixes in the District’s project.  Construction will begin on Thunderbird Road mid January with an anticipated completion in May 2020.

Phase 2  is a Developmental Phase for the Pinery Systemic Drainage Repair Program. Staff will work with property owners to develop feasible solutions to the drainage issues. Public outreach and property owner education about the importance of maintaining drainage infrastructure will be included in this phase.

Other Drainage Projects

Projects include drainage pipe repair and replacement projects, major erosion repair projects and other drainage related projects.  The following are the projects identified to complete in 2020:

  • Thunderhill Road Pipe Repair Project (Contractor is C&L Water Solutions)
  • Tomah Rd. (Bear Dance Dr. to Keene Ranch) Drainage Repair Project (Contractor is Hudick Civil)
  • Waterman Dam Repair Project (Contractor is 53 Corporation)
  • Parker North Swale Repair Project
  • Miller Building Pond Repair
  • Justice Center Pond Repair
  • Heath & Human Service Pond Repair
  • Butterfield Dam Pond Repair
  • Spring Valley Road Dam Pond Repair

If you have any questions about Drainage Projects, please contact Sean Owens, P.E., Special Projects Manager.