Highlands Ranch Neighborhood Paving

Project Description

The 2019 neighborhood street paving program in Highlands Ranch includes streets in the Heather Hills, Kentley Hills, Lantern Hill, and Firelight areas.  See the 2019 Neighborhood Street Paving Map for specific locations.

Work started July 1 and will run through September.  On each street, work will be done in two phases – the first phase consists of rotomilling to remove some of the top layer of asphalt, which generally takes 2 to 4 hours or less per block to complete.  Phase 2 follows a week or two later and includes placing the new overlay; this phase may take 4 – 8 hours to complete.  During construction, access to driveways is allowed, with occasional short delays.

Two days before the start of construction, no-parking signs are posted along the streets scheduled for work.  Construction will be done Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Intermittent lane closures will occur on the streets below:


  • Monday, August 26 – Finish paving Timberchase Trail and Timberchase Pointe, Greatwood Way, Greatwood Pointe, Briarrgrove Way, pave Briargrove Drive
  • Tuesday, August 27 – Pave Southaven Circle and Ashford Circle, begin paving Craftsbury Drive
  • Wednesday, August 28 – Finish paving Craftsbury Drive; pave Hickory Ridge Lane, Hickory Ridge Street
  • Thursday, August 29 – Pave Fairmont Lane, Cedar Brook Street, Cedar Brook Lane 
  • Friday, August 30 – Pave Greenhaven Circle, Braselton Street
  • Tuesday, September 3 – Pave Cherrington Street, Evondale Street, Torrington Lane, start paving Kedleston Avenue
  • Wednesday, September 4 – Finish paving Kedleston Avenue, Pave Pearlwood Circle, begin paving Spearwood Drive
  • Thursday, September 5 – Finish paving Spearwood Drive, pave Redhaven Way
  • Friday, September 6 – Pave Woodbriar Drive, Flagstaff Way
  • Monday, September 9 – Pave Cherrybrook Circle
  • Tuesday, September 10 – Pave Wildhurst Circle, begin paving Westgate Avenue
  • Wednesday, September 11 – Finish paving Westgate Avenue, pave Riverbrook Circle


  • Monday, August 26 – Rotomill Southaven Circle, Cherrington Street, Braselton Street, Green Haven Circle
  • Tuesday, August 27 – Rotomill Evondale Street, Kedleston Avenue, Torrington Street and Spearwood Drive
  • Wednesday, August 28 – Rotomill Pearlwood Circle, Flagstaff Way, Woodbriar Drive
  • Thursday, August 29 – Rotomill Redhaven Way, begin milling Cherrybrook Circle
  • Friday, August 30 – Finish milling Cherrybrook Circle, mill Westgate Avenue, begin milling Wildhurst Circle
  • Tuesday, September 3 – Finish milling Wildhurst Circle, mill Riverbrook Circle

 Streets will be posted with “no-parking” signs prior to the start of the work.  Short delays accessing streets and driveways in the area may occur.

Please view the 2019 Neighborhood Street Paving Map and select the blue line to sign up for project notifications by clicking on “Sign Up for Notifications!”.

Aggregate Industries, Inc.
Phone:  303-799-1065

Project Inspector
Keith Burke
Phone: 303-947-8720


My vehicle was towed because it was left in the construction zone.  How do I find out where it went?
Please contact Westside Towing at 303-688-5244 for information on where your car was towed.

For all other issues, contact Dan Roberts, Project Engineer for Douglas County Public Works Engineering at drroberts@douglas.co.us or 303-660-7487.