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Citizen Snow Removal Responsibilities

Sidewalk shoveling – Safety is Our Priority

Snow and ice on sidewalks creates a dangerous situation —  for all ages, but especially for children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities who are more susceptible to injury.

When sidewalks are not cleared of snow and ice, pedestrians will often avoid walking on the snow and ice-covered sidewalks and instead walk into the street, creating a safety concern.  When sidewalks are not a safe place to walk, the public safety concern is amplified – especially when children are walking to or from school or walking to and from the bus and walking in the street because sidewalks are not passable.

  • For these reasons, Douglas County enacted Ordinance O-007-003 This Ordinance requires property owners in unincorporated Douglas County to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after it stops snowing.

Snow Removal and Proper Placement of Snow

  • Please do not place snow in the street because it will result in larger snow wind-rows in front of your home, created by snowplows. Additionally, piles of snow in the area of the gutter will inhibit drainage resulting in buildups of ice in the gutter and on the sidewalk.
  • Please place all snow removed from sidewalks and driveways on your adjacent landscaped areas. This practice will benefit the vegetation, reduce the amount of runoff, and will help to manage the amount of snow and ice in the street.

Vehicles and Snow Removal –  Help us do our job – and Improve Public Safety.

  • When a snowstorm is predicted, please remove your vehicle from County streets and roads:  Automobiles and other vehicles left parked on County streets and roads during a winter storm make it difficult for snowplows to remove snow and ice.
  • Cars are safer when they are off the street and so are you: Parked vehicles left on County streets and roads during a snowstorm may become surrounded by a snow wind-row created by snowplows when clearing the streets and roads of snow. This increases the potential for damage to these vehicles and to motorists driving around them.

Citizen Snow and Ice Removal Responsibilities printable brochure.