County Line Road Improvements (Chester to Inverness)

Updated May 2, 2019

Project Description

The County continues to work closely with CDOT and several other agencies to advance the proposed improvements along County Line Road and within CDOT Right-of-Way (ROW).

  • Phase 2b: (located on the west of I-25) will add additional lanes on the southbound off-ramp. The Project will improve traffic operations, reduce congestion, increase safety, and improve access into and out of the adjacent commercial, retail and office parks on both sides of I-25.
  • The Proposed Plan (east side of I-25) involves the redesign of the two existing closely spaced intersections into a single more traditional intersection layout. Final Design, ROW, and utility relocations will occur in 2019. The proposed reconfigured intersection will improve safety and mobility and provide better levels of service (traffic operations).


  • Phase 2b: The final phase of construction on the west side of Interstate 25 is underway, with the majority of the work occurring on the southbound off-ramp.  The project is anticipated to be substantially completed by July 1, 2019.
  • 2020: Proposed Plan (east side of I-25) is anticipated to begin construction in spring 2020, based on utility relocations and ROW acquisition being completed on or before March 31, 2020. View the project map for detailed schedule information.


Project Manager East Side Design
Art Griffith