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Meridian Intersection Improvements

Updated August 2021

Project Overview

This Project will implement traffic improvements that require reconstructing the Meridian / Havana Intersection, including replacement of the existing concrete pavement and reconfiguration.  Additionally, Douglas County advanced construction contracts to replace the concrete pavement on Meridian Blvd. both east of Maroon Circle and west of Havana Street, and the pavement in between will be reconstructed as part of the intersection project. The Havana Street project limits have been revised and will now stop short of Lincoln Avenue because the long term improvements for Lincoln Avenue are unknown at this time and are being developed/identified as part of the City of Lone Tree’s I-25 / Lincoln Avenue Mobility Project,  The preliminary design plans for the Lone Tree project will not be finalized until late 2022 or early 2023.

Meridian Metropolitan District and he Southeast Public Improvement District (SPIMD)

Project Manager
Ben Pierce |
[email protected]