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Meridian Intersection Improvements

Douglas County and the Meridian Metropolitan District are working together with the Southeast Public Improvement District (SPIMD) on implementing the intersection improvements.   Project partners recognize the benefits of advancing the proposed improvements which will re-align the short segment of Havana Street to better balance the heavy traffic volumes headed both to the east and to the west at the nearby Meridian Boulevard intersection, and re-align the Meridian Boulevard so the north-south heavier traffic volume becomes the through movement.

Meridian and Havana intersection improvement design
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Meridian / Havana Intersection Improvements (Updated April 2020)
This project is estimated to cost $7 million and involves realigning Havana Street and Meridian Boulevard in order to reduce congestion and improve safety and traffic operations.  The improvements are being designed to accommodate a future triple left turn for the heavy traffic turning eastbound to northbound in the morning rush hour.  In 2019, the preliminary design was completed, and a detailed surface utility investigation is currently underway.  The final design is to be completed in late 2020 or early 2021, and we intend to acquire additional right-of-way and the necessary easements in 2020 so that utilities can be relocated in 2020 and 2021 – existing landscaping will be significantly impacted by this phase of the project.

For more information please contact, Art Griffith, Project Manager at [email protected]

Jamaica and Meridian Intersection Improvements Design
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Jamaica / Meridian Intersection Improvements (Updated August 2020)
This project is estimated to costs $4 million project involves realigning Havana and Meridian Boulevard in order to reduce congestion and improve safety and traffic operations. Construction began on March 16, 2020 and is scheduled to be substantially completed on or before Sept. 12, 2020.

For more information please contact Neil Sarno, Project Manager at [email protected]


  • Septemer- Contractor will be working on Phase 2 of Jamaica St and Meridian Blvd.  East sides of Jamaica St and Meridian Blvd will be closed. Follow the direction of installed message, arrow boards, and lane closures.


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