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Meridian Intersection Improvements

Project Description

Douglas County and the Meridian Metropolitan District are working together with the Southeast Public Improvement District (SPIMD) on implementing improvements for three congested intersections which were impacted by the loss of the old I-25 frontage road (San Juan) as a result of the I-25 Widening and Lane Balance Project which was completed a few years ago that also required reconfiguring the northbound side of the I-25 / Lincoln Interchange.

Updates as of Dec. 2019:

  • Jamaica / Meridian Intersection Improvements – This $3.5 Million project involves realigning Havana and Meridian Boulevard in order to reduce congestion and improve safety and traffic operations.  In 2019, the final design as completed, and anticipate bidding the project in Jan. 2020 (pending utility relocations which Meridian Metro District is responsible to coordinate and need to be completed prior to construction). Construction is currently scheduled to be substantially completed before Sept. 30, 2020.  The County is partnering with Meridian Metro District (45% Meridian and 55% County) in order to advance the proposed improvements which, re-align the Meridian Boulevard so the north-south heavier traffic volume becomes the through movement.  Also, the Southeast Public Improvement Metropolitan District (SPIMD) is contributing $250,000.
  • Havana / Meridian and Lincoln / Havana Intersection Improvements – This $7.5 Million improvement project involves realigning Havana and Meridian Boulevard to reduce congestion and improve safety and traffic operations.  Additionally, the County is hopeful to also improve/reconstruct a portion of Lincoln Avenue to accommodate a triple left turn for the heavy traffic turning eastbound to northbound in the morning rush hour.  In 2019, the preliminary design was completed preliminary design and a detailed surface utility investigation was initiated.  The final design is to be completed in by June 2020, which will allow the movement of utilities in the summer of 2020, to begin construction in 2021.


  • 1st Quarter 2020 – Anticipated construction to start on Jamaica/Meridian Blvd intersection
  • 1st Quarter 2021 – Anticipated construction to start on Lincoln/Havana/Meridian Blvd intersection



Project Manager

Art Griffith
[email protected]