Meridian Intersection Improvements

Project Description

Douglas County and the Meridian Metropolitan District are working together with the Southeast Public Improvement District (SPIMD) on implementing improvements for three congested intersections which were impacted by the loss of the old I-25 frontage road (San Juan) as a result of the I-25 Widening and Lane Balance Project which was completed a few years ago that also required reconfiguring the northbound side of the I-25 / Lincoln Interchange.

Jamaica / Meridian Intersection Improvements – August 2019

In July 2018, the project stakeholders agreed to move forward with a new intersection alignment making the southern leg of Meridian and the northern leg of Jamaica a continuous thru movement while eastern leg of Meridian (with lower traffic volumes) will “T” into the realigned and reconfigured intersection. Depending on utility conflicts and required utility relocation, construction is tentatively scheduled to begin fall 2019.

Havana / Meridian and Havana / Lincoln Improvements – August 2019

In fall 2018, the project stakeholders agreed to realign Havana Street so it will become a continuous flow travel movement connecting directly with the western leg of Meridian Blvd while the eastern leg of Meridian Blvd will “T” into realigned and reconfigured intersection.


  • Fall 2019 – Anticipated construction to start on Jamaica/Meridian Blvd intersection
  • Summer 2020 – Anticipated construction to start on Lincoln/Havana/Meridian Blvd intersection



Project Manager

Art Griffith