Traffic on Lincoln Avenue in Lone Tree

Transportation Engineering and Traffic Operations staff plan, design and monitor the roads, streets and highways to ensure safe and efficient movement of people and goods.  These tasks include long-range transportation planning as well as recommendations for integrating freeways, streets, shopping centers, residential developments and industrial projects into the community that will serve the populations safely and efficiently.

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Speed limits and Traffic Studies

Establishing Speed Limits
How Speed Limits are Established

Guidelines for Traffic Impact Studies
This is Chapter 17 – Appendix B of the Douglas County Roadway Design and Construction Standards Manual. Updated July 2003.

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Traffic Counts

Historical traffic count data available from previous traffic studies. All streets have not been counted. For more recent data or if you have any questions or concerns about data contained in the list, please contact Traffic Engineering at 303.660.7490 or


Transportation Plans

Douglas County 2030 Transportation Plan

Final adoption Resolution No. PC-009-001 of the 2030 Transportation Plan by the Douglas County Planning Commission occurred on Monday, November 9, 2009. 

The Douglas County 2030 Transportation Plan is currently available for download in printed form or on disc. This Plan guides the County in making future modifications to transportation facilities ranging from major road widening and construction projects to the addition of bike lanes, and identifies future improvement needs as the County develops in accordance with the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Highlands Ranch Transportation Improvement Program

The Highlands Ranch Transportation Improvement Program (HRTIP) final report is an in-depth study of transportation facilities within Highlands Ranch.

The final report identifies the short-term and long-range needs of the area for improvements to the transportation system and no funding method, was included in the study.