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Payment of Property Taxes by Mortgage Companies

  • Colorado Revised Statutes require the Douglas County Treasurer to mail a tax statement or notice of electronic statement availability of property taxes to each owner of record even though a mortgage company may be responsible for making payment.  Douglas County Treasurer’s Office does not mail property tax notices to mortgage companies.
  • Failure of any person to receive their annual tax statement shall not preclude collection by the Treasurer in the amount of taxes due and payable by such person (CRS 39-10-103(1)(a).  Applicable delinquent interest and other charges shall apply to delinquent payments (CRS 39-10-104.5)
  • If a mortgage company is responsible to pay your property taxes, you may receive a postcard notification of your property tax. To view and print your actual tax statement, you may use our online Property Tax Inquiry to see the full statement and payment details.
  • Most mortgage companies pay taxes in half payment installments due last day of February and June 15.
  • Payments from mortgage companies occur in several ways.  Some mortgage companies remit payment directly to our office electronically or with coupons forwarded by their clients.  Other companies use tax services for processing tax payments.  If a tax service is used, the service remits payments electronically for multiple mortgage companies.  Use of a tax service creates a significant delay between the time a lender releases the payment and the date the Treasurer’s office receives the payment.
  • If two half payments are received, (whether it be from a lender, title company or homeowner) both payments will post to the total taxes due.  In the event of an overpayment (overage of full tax amount due), the refund will be submitted back to the issuer.  Delays in refunding may be a result of tax service involvement.