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Your County tax dollars at work

There’s an easy way to see what services you receive for your money

County services
Visit the County’s online tax calculator to see how your tax dollars help pay for which County services.


Especially this time of year, Douglas County property owners appreciate the availability of the County’s online tax calculator to help demonstrate their proportionate cost share of the more than 25 different service categories provided by the County, including — but not limited to — road construction, law enforcement, public health, parks and trails, elections, snow removal and traffic management.

Between Jan. 18 and Feb. 1, residential property owners in Douglas County will receive a property tax statement in the mail, showing how much they owe in taxes this year. Of the total property taxes paid by residential property owners in Douglas County, 18.774 percent of that money goes to pay for County services.

Click here and enter the amount shown on your property tax bill to see a rough estimated breakdown of how much of your tax money goes to which County services.

The Douglas County tax calculator was created as part of the Board of County Commissioners’ 2011 Taxpayer Right-To-Know Initiative, furthering the Board’s accountability to the citizens and taxpayers of Douglas County regarding the County’s allocation of public money.

For further demonstration of the Board’s commitment to an open, transparent and accountable government, please visit the County’s Transparency Portal

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