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Public Trustee


The Douglas County Public Trustee provides online, phone, and paperwork drop box services (drop box is located on the North side of the Philip S Miller building @ 100 Third Street in Castle Rock).

Citizens and Businesses may schedule in-person appointments for critical services that cannot be completed remotely. . Please email your appointment request to the Public Trustee office [email protected]

If you are mailing or hand delivering paper releases, please send to: Public Trustee, 100 Third St, Suite 120, Castle, Rock CO 80104
If your release is time sensitive we recommend you use the CSC electronic document recording system, or schedule an appointment to hand deliver your paperwork. Due to the large number of releases currently being submitted, all other methods of submitting Deed of Trust releases are experiencing a heavy backlog and will likely delay your lien release.

If you are a:

  • homeowner in foreclosure, an attorney representing a homeowner, or an attorney representing a lender, please call us at 303.660.7417 option 1.
  • homeowner or title company seeking to release a Deed of Trust, please email us at [email protected]
  • title company utilizing a courier to drop or pick-up documents, our hours are 8-5, Mon-Fri.  A drop box is also available at the west end of the curb in the front of our building, this box will be checked daily.

Attention Foreclosed Homeowners:
Loss Mitigation -If you believe that your lender or servicer has failed to provide a single point of contact (38-38-103.1 CRS) or they are still pursuing foreclosure even though you have submitted a completed loss mitigation application or you have been offered and have accepted a loss mitigation option (38-38-103.2 CRS), you may file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General (720-508-6006) or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (855-411-2372) or both. However, the filing of a complaint in and of itself will not stop the foreclosure process.
Excess Sale Proceeds – When your home sells for more than was owed to the foreclosing lender, you may be entitled to some or the entire excess amount. However, if there are any liens on your home or if you are behind in your HOA dues, we may have to pay those liens first. Please contact our office to find out if you may be able to receive the funds at 303-660-7417. If you contact us directly, there is no cost to you to claim the excess amount due to you.

Public Notices

Colorado Community Newspapers publish weekly Douglas County foreclosure notices in the Douglas County NewsPress, Highlands Ranch Herald, Parker Chronicle and Lone Tree Voice. Each foreclosure is published for five weeks prior to the sale.

Public Trustee Sale Information

The Douglas County Public Trustee Foreclosure Sale is held each Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the PS Miller Building Hearing Room at 100 Third St in Castle Rock.

After 5:00 p.m. on Monday before the sale, the current presale list can be accessed at Foreclosure Property Search.  In the area marked sale date, click on the calendar and enter the upcoming Wednesday date of sale. Please be sure to put the same date in both the from and to dates. The requested sale list will populate when you press the search button.




The Douglas County Public Trustees Office mission is to serve Douglas County citizens effectively and efficiently through quality professional staff in the performance of the functions and exercise of powers conferred by Title 38 of the Colorado Revised Statutes to include the release of deeds of trust, foreclosure of deeds of trust and tax escrow accounts for land purchase contracts.

Our staff is dedicated to fairness for all parties involved in the foreclosure process by affording the owner of the property a fair opportunity to protect his/her interest in the property while affording an opportunity for the lenders and lien holders to exercise their rights and remedies.

The Public Trustee does not give legal advice, handle Tax Sales, release private trustee mortgage transactions, have access to the foreclosed property, handle Federal Auctions such as HUD or VA or Have information regarding liens on foreclosed property (Contact the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder (303-660-7469).

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