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All monies payable to the Public Trustee at any foreclosure sale under the provisions of this article or upon redemption or cure under the provisions of §38-37-108 shall be in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s or Certified Check
  • Electronic Transfer
  • Teller’s Check

Cashier’s and Teller’s checks must be made payable to the Douglas County Public Trustee or endorsed to the Public Trustee and must also be issued by a federally or state-chartered financial institution.

The following fee schedule is effective as of July 1, 2010. Certified funds are not required to pay these individuals fees.

Release Fees: §38-37-104(1)(a)
Public Trustee Fee for a Release $15
Recording Fee (one-page)
* Each additional page is $5.00
Total fee for a one-page Release
* Total fee for a two-page Release $33.00
Foreclosure Deposit: §38-38-101(10)
To be applied to Fees and Expenses up to $650
Foreclosure Fees: §38-37-104(1)(b)(l)
Public Trustee Administration Fee for amounts under $480,000.00 $150
For amounts over $480,000.00 (original principal balance of outstanding principal
balance of the Promissory Note – whichever is less)
1/32 of 1%
Total fee to record Notice of Election and Demand (one-page) $13
Bankruptcy Foreclosure Fees §38-37-104-(1)(b)(VII) & (VIII)
(Reinstatement after Bankruptcy Stay Lifted)
If all publications have been completed No Charge
If all publications have NOT been completed $75
Resale when Sale held in violation of Bankruptcy Stay $50
Withdrawal Fees §38-37-104(1)(b)(V)
Withdrawal of Notice of Election and Demand $35
Recording Withdrawals (one-page) $13
Total fee for one-page withdrawn Notice of Election and Demand $48
Redemption Fees §38-37-104(1)(b)(II) & (III)
Accepting Intent to Redeem from Lienor $50
Executing Certificate of Redemption $30
Recording a Certificate of Redemption (one-page) $13
Total Fee for a one-page Certificate of Redemption Confirmation $43
Deed Fees §38-37-104(1)(b)(IV)
Executing Confirmation Deed $30
Recording a Deed (one-page) $13
Total fee for a one-page Confirmation Deed $43
Clerk and Recorder Recording Fees §30-1-103 & §30-10-421
Please visit Recording Fees for appropriate amounts. $13
NOTE 1:  A foreclosure is deemed open when the Notice of Election and Demand is recorded(C.R.S. 38-38-101[3]) and the fee is collectible at that time.
NOTE 2: Other fees may also apply
NOTE 3: If more than one page is to be recorded the charge if $5.00 for each additional page.