Open Public Records Request Fee Policy

It shall be the policy of the Office of the Douglas County Public Trustee (DCPT) to strike a balance between the public’s right to access records and the need to not be inundated with burdensome requests that may impact the ability of the Office of Public Trustee to effectively and efficiently complete its required official daily functions. It is also the intent of this policy that the public right to know shall determine the best application of this policy.

Unless otherwise stated in law, or as part of the ongoing fees charged per legislative intent, the following chart is indicative of the fees to be charged by the Office of the Douglas County Public Trustee (DCPT):

Colorado Open Records Requests

  • Copies and printouts up to 10 pages  – Free
    • Per page after the first 10 pages $0.25
  • Research and Retrieval (1st hour free and then charge per hour) $25.00
  • Disk $10.00 – plus cost of research and retrieval, if applicable
  • Postage Varies – based on actual size and weight

The Douglas County Public Trustee shall not charge more than the “actual cost” of providing the copy.