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Electioneering and Campaign Sign Guidelines

What is Electioneering?
As defined by Colorado statute, the term “electioneering” includes campaigning for or against any candidate and/or issue that is on the ballot. “Electioneering” also includes soliciting signatures for a candidate petition, a recall petition or a petition to place a ballot issue or ballot question on a subsequent ballot.

Is electioneering allowed at a Voter Service and Polling Center?
According to Colorado Revised Statutes, no electioneering may take place within a 100-foot limit of any polling place, vote center or early voting site (C.R.S. 1-13-714). This includes any location in which ballots are on site.

Voter Service and Polling Centers can be located within privately owned buildings. Property owners have the right to not allow electioneering anywhere on their property, even if outside the 100-foot limit. Volunteers may be asked to move to public property at the legitimate request of the property owner.

Do campaign signs require a permit in Unincorporated Douglas County?
No, temporary campaign signs do not require a permit. They must, however, meet the guidelines of Section 29 of the Douglas County Zoning Resolution

What are the statutory requirements regarding campaign signs?
Interference with the distribution of election material (C.R.S. 1-13-113)

“During the period beginning forty-five days before and ending four days after any election, any person who prevents, hinders, or interferes with the lawful distribution of any card, pamphlet, circular, poster, handbill, yard sign, or other written material relating to any candidate for election for any office or relating to any issue that is to be submitted to the electors in any election, or any person who removes, defaces, or destroys any lawfully placed billboard, sign, or written material from any premises to which it was delivered, commits a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars. Any person found guilty of removing, defacing, or destroying any billboard, sign, or written material shall pay the cost of replacement. The owner of the premises, an authorized agent of the owner, or any person charged with enforcement of any state law, ordinance, or regulation may remove any billboard, sign, or written material without penalty when placed without permission or authorization of the owner of such premises, or in violation of state law or county or municipal ordinance or regulation, or which is in place at any time other than during the period beginning forty-five days before and ending four days after an election.”

Are there County laws that apply to campaign signs?
Yes. The regulations governing signs for Douglas County apply only in portions of the county that are not incorporated. Douglas County’s sign regulations can be found here. For questions or concerns regarding Douglas County’s sign regulations, please contact the Zoning Department during normal business hours, 303-814-4350, to speak with the Site Development Administrator. For information on the regulations that apply within a city or town within the county, please contact that municipality directly from the list below.

Where are campaign signs allowed?
The placement of campaign signs is determined by Section 29, Subsection 2912 of the Douglas County Zoning Resolution.  City and/or town planning departments, private property owners and homeowner associations may impose additional regulations.

Who should I contact if I believe a sign does not conform to existing land use codes?
If you believe a campaign sign is in violation of a county or city code, please contact the appropriate department:

If you believe a campaign sign is in violation of your homeowner’s covenant, please contact your homeowner’s association or property management company.

For questions pertaining to signage in unincorporated Douglas County, please contact the Department of Community Development at 303-660-7460.