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Track Your Ballot


Trust That Your Vote Counts

Track the status of your mail ballot, from mailed to counted. BallotTrax is a ballot tracking and messaging system that provides voters with notifications by phone, email, or text about the status of your mail ballot.

Click the link below, enter your contact information, and choose from phone, email, and text alerts. You’ll be notified when your ballot is in the mail on its way to you, and once you vote and return your ballot – whether by mail, ballot drop box, or polling center – you’ll be notified again when it’s received by Douglas County, and when it’s been counted.

Track Your Ballot

Ballot Discrepancy FAQ

If a ballot return envelope has a missing signature or signature discrepancy, or if an ID Required voter failed to provide a copy of acceptable identification with their returned ballot, Douglas County Elections will contact the voter to “cure” their ballot. Voters have until eight days after an election to provide the required signature/ID verification in order for the ballot to count.

How will I be contacted if there is a problem with my returned ballot?

Voters will be notified with an official letter from Douglas County Elections. Voters who have provided their email address to Douglas County Elections will receive an email notification as well.

How can I fix a ballot discrepancy?

Voters have several options to cure a ballot discrepancy. The options are outlined in the cure letter the voter receives:

  • Fill out and return the required form and associated documentation by mail.
  • Fill out and return the required form and associated documentation in person to the Elections office.
  • Fill out and return the required form and associated documentation on your smart phone using Text2Cure. Instructions on how to use Text2Cure are included in the cure letter.

What is the deadline to return the required documentation to resolve a ballot discrepancy?

In order to be able to count your ballot, the issue must be resolved no later than the close of business eight days after the election. Postmarks do not count.

What if I do not resolve a ballot discrepancy?

If a voter who is contacted to cure a ballot indicates they did not vote the ballot, or if they fail to return the required documentation, Douglas County Elections will not count the ballot and the signature discrepancy will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for investigation.

How can I prevent these issues from arising?

Always sign your ballot return envelope the same way. Often, people will use different signatures for different things, or they change their signature over time (omitting a middle name, shortening the first name or using a nickname, for example). Signing elections documents with the same, consistent signature will prevent discrepancies.

Make sure the ballot return envelope you sign is your own. Often people who reside together may mistakenly place their ballot into the ballot return envelope belonging to another person, sign it, and return it. Voters should check the name printed on the return envelope to make certain the correct voter is signing and returning the correct envelope. Parents may not sign for their children. Spouses may not sign for each other. Power of Attorney does not apply to ballots, and the voter needs to make a mark on the signature line and have a trusted person sign as the witness, if appropriate.

How many ballots have to be "cured" during each election?

Based on data from previous Douglas County elections, approximately 1% of returned ballots must be cured during each election.

Why did someone other than Douglas County Elections call me regarding a ballot discrepancy?

Political organizations that are not associated with Douglas County Elections receive lists of voters who have a ballot discrepancy that needs to be resolved. They receive these lists from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, and during an election, they may choose to contact voters to help notify them that there are issues with their ballots.