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Election Judge Interest Survey

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Important information: All election judge activities will be performed in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines regarding the COVID-19 public health event. Roles and responsibilities will be adjusted to ensure the public health and safety of all judges and citizens throughout the election process.

    Note: The major political parties supply a list of election judges to the County Clerk following Caucus. Minor parties may also submit a certified list of individuals to the Clerk, and unaffiliated electors may submit a written application. The Clerk must exhaust the list of major party appointees before appointing minor party or unaffiliated judges. Please click here for Colorado caucus information.
  • Election Judge Positions - November 2020 General Election


  • Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) (Various locations)

    The following dates are an estimate and not guaranteed. Typical workday is 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    General Election: Oct. 19 - Nov 3 (Training begins in early October.)

    Poll Manager/Assistant Poll Manager Computer Skill Level 3
    • Oversees all aspects of the VSPC set-up, processes, and takedown
    • ⋅Issues Provisional Ballots
    • ⋅Assists with Election Watchers and any other VSPC guests
    • ⋅Oversees the use of ADA touch screen voting machines
    • ⋅Fills in for other positions during breaks and lunches

    Computer Judge Computer Skill Level 3
    • ⋅Assists voters with voter registration, updating existing registration, giving vote credit, and replacing a voter’s mail ballot
    • ⋅Strong computer skills, accurate data entry, and attention to detail
    • ⋅Responsible for ballot inventory and daily balancing

    Voter Aide No Computer Skill Required
    • ⋅Must be pleasant, personable, and professional
    • ⋅Must quickly assess the voter’s needs
    • ⋅Provides appropriate forms and guides voters to next steps in the voting process
    • ⋅Oversees voters depositing Mail Ballots, In-Person, and Provisional Ballots
    • ⋅Distributes “I Voted” stickers
  • Warehouse Operations (Castle Rock, CO)

    The following dates are an estimate and not guaranteed. Typical workday is 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Must be able to work non-conventional hours and weekends.

    2020 General Election: Oct. 12 - Nov. 5 (Training begins in early October.)

    Intake Computer Skill Level 1
    • ⋅Examine and sort incoming ballots prior to processing
    • ⋅Verify chain of custody on ballot transfer documentation
    • ⋅Requires attention to detail
    • ⋅Must be comfortable working in climate-controlled warehouse
    • ⋅Ability to lift 50 lbs and push 100 lbs

    Round Up Must have valid CO Driver License Computer Skill Level 1
    • ⋅Smart phone comprehension required
    • ⋅Works in a bipartisan team of two
    • ⋅Drives around the county collecting ballots from outdoor, 24-hour drop boxes
    • ⋅Properly documents ballot transfers and maintains chain of custody
    • ⋅Requires attention to detail
    • ⋅Ability to lift 50 lbs and push 100 lbs
  • Mail Ballot Process (Castle Rock, CO)

    The following dates are an estimate and not guaranteed. Typical workday is 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    2020 General Election: Oct. 19 - Nov. 13, 2020 (Training begins in early October.)

    Agilis Assistant Computer Skill Level 1
    • ⋅Ability to spend a long time on feet
    • ⋅Ability to lift 15 lbs in a continuous process
    • ⋅Run ballot envelopes through mail sorter
    • ⋅Reconcile reports with ballot batches
    • ⋅Process undeliverable ballots on the computer

    Ballot Removal No Computer Skill Required
    • ⋅Physical separation of mail ballot packets
    • ⋅Ability to focus with attention to detail in a noisy environment
    • ⋅Able to sit for long periods of time
    • ⋅Basic math and organizational skills

    Duplication Computer Skill Level 1
    • ⋅Duplicate UOCAVA email ballots
    • ⋅Duplicate damaged ballots
    • ⋅Other duties as assigned
    • ⋅Party affiliation required - Democratic or Republican

    Signature Verification Computer Skill Level 2
    • ⋅Verify voter signatures
    • ⋅Other duties as assigned
    • ⋅Ballot volume received dictates the number of hours worked
    • ⋅Party affiliation required - Democratic or Republican

    Evaluation Computer Skill Level 3
    • ⋅Research challenged voter signatures
    • ⋅Must have advanced computer skills
    • ⋅Automatic signature recognition audit
    • ⋅Prep signature discrepancy letters for mailing
    • ⋅Party affiliation required - Democratic or Republican

    Ballot Accountant Computer Skill Level 2
    • ⋅Maintains inventory of ballots in counting room for archival process
    • ⋅Uses computer program to manage workload of ballot scanners
    • ⋅Requires great attention to detail and accurate data entry
    • ⋅Ability to lift 25 lbs

    Ballot Scanner Computer Skill Level 1
    • ⋅Scans ballots for tabulation and completes applicable paperwork
    • ⋅Packages ballots and envelopes
    • ⋅Ability to work independently
    • ⋅Requires attention to detail and organizational skills
    • ⋅Requires sitting or standing for long periods of time

    Counting Room Boxer No Computer Skill Required
    • ⋅Collect, seal, and stores boxes of envelopes and ballots
    • ⋅Moves large carts of ballots in and out of counting room
    • ⋅Must be able to lift 50 lbs and push 100 lbs
    • ⋅Requires standing and walking for long periods of time

    Ballot Resolution Computer Skill Level 3
    • ⋅Responsible for resolving voter intent after ballots have been scanned
    • ⋅Must have advanced computer skills, specifically using Google Chrome
    • ⋅Works in a team of two
    • ⋅Requires operation of a computer for long periods of time
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