Clerk and Recorder Vision, Mission and Values

In September 2016, Clerk and Recorder, Merlin Klotz, kicked off an effort to evaluate what makes a high-performance team. As a result, in 2017 all staff was engaged in discussions to identify how they could best serve the citizens and create a thriving work environment. With the goals of the Clerk in mind (empowerment, efficiency, and internal control), the team developed a Vision, Mission, and Core Values guided by representatives from each division, and leadership coach, Walt Kowalski of Breakthroughs, Inc.

Subsequently, each division developed three observable and measurable ways they will apply the Core Values, and these commitments were infused into their employee performance competencies.

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To be leaders in customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and to serve with integrity.


To serve all citizens and each other with respect, courtesy, transparency and professionalism.

Core Values

Growth & Development 
We are efficient and seize opportunities through innovation both personally and professionally.
We embrace change with positivity and grace.
We take responsibility to fulfill the duties of the Clerk and Recorder through personal accountability.
We provide courteous, transparent, and efficient services.
We are dedicated to open, honest, and trustworthy communication.
We acknowledge that all people and situations are unique, and each will be met with care, trust, and consideration.