Douglas County ElectionsVoters Registered as of  04/01/2016

Democratic: 46,347 | Republican: 105,935 | Other: 78,180 | Total: 230,462

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Voting in the Primary?

Unaffiliated voters planning to vote in the 2016 primary election must affiliate with the Democratic or Republican Party between now and Election Day.

Voters may change their party affiliation on or before May 27.

Voters are encouraged to verify their registration by using the tool at the top of this page to ensure that their information is accurate.

The primary election ballot will have individual candidates running for federal, state, and local offices within their political party.

Please note that presidential nominees will not be on the primary election ballot.

Eligible voters will be mailed ballots beginning June 6. If ballots do not arrive by June 13 please contact our office.

Voters are encouraged to drop off their ballots early to help provide faster, more accurate results.

 2016 Primary Election

Our office wants voters to be aware of important dates and events that pertain to the 2016 primary election.

In order to participate in the primary election, voters must affiliate with either the Democratic or Republican Party.

Any affiliated voter wanting to change party must do so on or before May 27 in order to vote in their new party’s primary.

Unaffiliated voters may affiliate with a party up to and including Election Day, June 28.

Ballots for the primary election will be in the mail to eligible voters beginning June 6.

Eligible voters who have not received their ballot by Monday, June 13, should contact our office.

Ballots cannot be mailed to voters after June 20. After this date, residents may register to vote, update party affiliation, or get a ballot at one of six Voter Service and Polling Centers.

Upcoming Elections

This is the official source of information about the upcoming elections planned and coordinated by Douglas County Government.

There may also be recent or upcoming municipal or special district elections that could impact you. For information on additional elections that are not conducted by the Douglas County Elections Office, please contact the agency holding the election. Many of these agencies can be found in the “Contact Parties or Other Agencies” menu options for this page.