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Renew License Plates Online

Douglas County Motor Vehicle offices can only title and register vehicles of residents of Douglas County. If you do not live in Douglas County please contact the Motor Vehicle office for the County that you reside in.

2015 Emissions Requirements Colorado Air Care Changes Effective January 1, 2015  

Gas Vehicles that are in the first 7 model years are exempt from emission testing.  When the vehicle reaches 7 model years it will require enhanced emissions every two years.Hybrid Vehicles that are in the 8th model year of service or older will require an OBD (Onboard Diagnostic) test. The cost for the test is $25.00 and can be done at any emissions testing facility in the State of Colorado. This test will be good for 2 years.Diesel vehicles cannot be renewed online and cannot pass roadside emissions.  Credit Cards are now accepted at the Emission testing facilities.Questions?  Contact Air Care Colorado at 303-205-5603 or


 Douglas County Motor Vehicle Accepts Credit Cards

In an effort to make payments more convenient, all Douglas County Motor Vehicle offices accept credit cards as payment, as well as cash and personal checks.

In addition to the payment amount, each transaction will be subject to an administrative fee that covers the cost associated with providing this service. This fee is paid to a third party that provides these services for and thus is not revenue for the State or County.

coloradoFlag     Late Fees for Vehicle Registrations

Colorado Senate Bill 09-108, an increase to vehicle registration late fees, became law on June 1, 2009. The new law requires a late fee assessment of $25 per month for every month past the one month grace period up to a maximum of $100. This fee is assessed in addition to renewal fees.   Late fee for trailers is a flat $10.00.  The legislation provides for NO EXCEPTIONS to these late fees.

iStock_000003705264Small  Military Exempt License Plate Issuance

An applicant that meets the requirements for a qualified exempt military license plate may only be issued one license plate that is exempt from ownership taxes and registration fees. Additional license plates will be assessed full taxes and fees.

dcSheriffBadgeReport Out-of-State Plates or Expired Temporary Tags

According to Colorado State Law, residents with out-of-state license plates must register their vehicle in Colorado within 90 days of residency even if the plates are not expired. You may anonymously report vehicles with out-of-state plates that are domiciled in Douglas County. Each report will be followed-up by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Vehicles with expired in- or out-of-state temporary tags may also be reported.

Transferring License Plates

If you have recently sold a vehicle and the license plates for that vehicle are not yet expired, you may be able to apply the pro-rated portion of the ownership tax fee towards a new registration or renewal that is due.  You must bring in the license plates, registration and proof of sale for the vehicle that was sold. See Registering a Vehicle for additional information.