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Motor Vehicle


Colorado law (SB21-069) will no longer allow most vehicle owners (passenger vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles) to transfer license plates to another vehicle, or keep their current license plate sequence on newly purchased vehicles without paying an additional fee. The License Plate Expiration On Change Of Ownership Act will improve safety for first responders and motorists by ensuring that drivers have reflective and legible license plates. Click here for FAQs about this change.

Motor Vehicle Service Times

(Registrations, Renewals, Titles, Plates or Permits, Disability Placards)
Locations# Customers WaitingWaiting Time of Last Customer ServedTotal Customers Served Today
Highlands Ranch713 Mins.97
Lone Tree48 Mins.117
Castle Rock38 Mins.126
Registration Renewal Kiosks (King Soopers)

Self-serve MVExpress kiosks are conveniently located at six Douglas County King Soopers stores. Renew your vehicle registration and receive your license plate tabs on the spot! Click here for locations and information.

Registration Renewal by Mail
  • Watch for your courtesy renewal card in the mail.
  • Provide your new address on the renewal card if it has changed.
  • Provide a copy of your vehicle insurance if it is noted on the renewal card.
  • Provide proof of emissions if it is noted on the renewal card. Tear off the perforated section of the emissions form and enclose with the renewal card.
  • Place the renewal card, insurance and emissions information if required, and check or money order for the amount indicated in an envelope.
    • Make check payable to: Douglas County Clerk. Write Driver’s License number and phone number on the check.
    • Mail before the last day of the registration renewal grace period (one month after the registration expiration month). PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to 5 weeks to receive your registration renewal/license plate sticker by mail, plan accordingly.

Mailing Address:

9350 Heritage Hills Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled a maximum of 28 calendar days in advance. If no appointment slots are available, please try again the following morning. Please click here to schedule an appointment.

Customer Service by Phone/Online Chat

Please call 303-660-7440 or click on the “Need Help” icon at the bottom right corner of this website to chat live online with a Motor Vehicle Specialist.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Vehicle Registration Fees, Taxes, and Payments

Colorado law governs the fee structure for all vehicle registrations. Most fees are uniform statewide and administered by the Department of Revenue through the County Clerk.

Registration/License Plate Fees

NOTE: Colorado plates remain with the customer, not the vehicle. If a vehicle is sold or traded, license plates should be removed prior to sale and a pro-rated portion of the remaining time on the registration fee may be credited toward your new vehicle purchase or the renewal of another vehicle registered in the same name (if the registration is not expired). Plates, proof of sale, and registration must be provided.

License fees are based on the empty weight and the type of vehicle being registered. Additional fees may include:

  • $2.00 for the emergency medical fund
  • $0.50 for an insurance database
  • $10.00 for E470
  • $2.20 for emission fund
  • $1.00 for POST Law Enforcement Training
  • NOT MORE THAN $12.00 for the highway users tax fund

Sales Tax

Sales tax is due on any new and used vehicle purchase or lease and is based on the purchase price of the vehicle. The tax rate is based on your physical address.

Click Here for New/First-Time Vehicle Registration Fee Estimator

Payment Information

Douglas County Motor Vehicle accepts the following forms of payment:


Collector vehicles, farm trucks/farm tractors, and horseless carriage registrations may follow a different fee schedule.

Late Fees

A late fee of $25 is assessed each month (not to exceed $100) for expired license plates, new purchases not registered within 60 days, and/or vehicles being transferred to Colorado that are not registered within guidelines set by C.R.S. 42-1-102(81).

Specific Ownership Taxes on Vehicles

Specific vehicle ownership taxes are based on the year of manufacture and the original taxable value. The original taxable value is determined when the vehicle is new and does not change throughout the life of the vehicle. Taxable value for passenger vehicles is 85% of the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price); for trucks, the taxable value is 75% of the MSRP.

Ownership tax is in lieu of personal property tax. The tax is assessed for the time period in which an individual owns the vehicle. Vehicles do not need to be driven in order to be assessed this tax.

For an approximate figure of the ownership taxes for twelve months you may use the following schedule:

  • First Year = 2.10% of taxable value
  • Second Year = 1.50% of taxable value
  • Third Year = 1.2% of taxable value
  • Fourth Year = .9% of taxable value
  • 5-9 Years  =  .45% of taxable value or $10.00 whichever is greater
  • 10 + Years = $3.00

Ownership taxes begin to accrue from the date of purchase or your date of residency when moving into Colorado from another state. The more time that passes between purchasing and registering a vehicle or between becoming a resident and registering your vehicle will result in additional ownership taxes due.

For example: If a vehicle is purchased in January but is not registered until March, then there will be 14 months of ownership tax due at the time of registration.

All the ownership tax is distributed by the County Treasurer to numerous special districts within the county including:

  • 46% to the school district
  • 4% to law enforcement
  • 21% to Douglas County Road & Bridge, Social Services, Debt Service, Capital Expenditures and the General Fund
  • 29% is disbursed to a variety of other districts
How Do I Find the Ownership Tax On My Registration?

The location of your vehicle registration ownership tax is highlighted in the two images below: a registration transaction receipt, and a vehicle registration card.

To request a copy of the receipt from your vehicle registration transaction, please click here.

To request a duplicate registration card, please click here. Allow one to two weeks for delivery. A duplicate registration card may also be obtained for a fee of $4.00 at any Douglas County Motor Vehicle Office. 

Ownership tax information cannot be provided over the phone.

Vehicle Temporary Tag Information

Temporary tags for new vehicle purchases

A temporary tag, valid for up to 60 days, may be issued when requested within 90 days of the purchase of a vehicle. If taxes have not been paid, the County collects the taxes when a permit is issued.

One or more of the following documents will also be required to obtain a temporary tag:

  • ID required – owner of record or Power of Attorney
  • Proof of current Colorado insurance – must be vehicle specific
  • Original title properly signed
  • Copy of the title to prove ownership with original notarized bill of sale
  • Pink temp slip from a dealer or your copy of the dealer paperwork
  • Letter from the bank or dealer indicating a problem with the lien or paperwork

Temporary tags due to expired registration

If a vehicle fails an emissions test, a 10-day temporary tag may be issued. The failed emissions test report is required to obtain a temporary tag.

Owners of vehicles with expired, out-of-state registration, may request a 10-day temporary tag for the purpose of obtaining a VIN inspection and/or emissions test.  There are no late fees for expired permits.

Special circumstances

Temporary tags may be issued for a number of other circumstances, please contact the Motor Vehicle Office for more information.


  • Phone Number: 303-660-7440, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Castle Rock Motor Vehicle & Express Driver License Office
301 Wilcox Street 
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Highlands Ranch Motor Vehicle
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Lone Tree Motor Vehicle
9350 Heritage Hills Circle
Lone Tree, CO 80124
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  • Appointment Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Walk-in Service: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

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