Motor Vehicle Electronic Payment FAQs

Douglas County now provides our citizens with the ability to make electronic payments using a Credit Card or electronic check.  This fact sheet attempts to answer many of the commonly asked questions regarding this service:

Is this a proprietary service of Douglas County?
No, this is a service provided by the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA), through its contractor, Colorado Interactive, LLC (CI), which provides electronic services to government entities across the State.

Why is there a fee to use the service?
It is a fee set, collected and retained by Colorado Interactive, LLC (CI), to recoup their operating costs and to support the hosting, maintenance and expansion of the online services.

Why does the County charge a fee for a rejected electronic check/credit card?
When a check is returned unpaid or a credit card charge is disputed, several things come into play.  Colorado Interactive, LLC (CI) has already advanced funds to the County to cover the check or credit card.  The County is required to write a reimbursement check to (CI) for the unpaid or disputed fees.  This costs the county additional dollars to research, track and refund money based on a rejected check or disputed credit card charge.  In addition we contact the citizen and attempt to recover these dollars usually after the service or product has already been given to the citizen.  The Clerk and Recorders Office charges a fee of $20 on rejected checks which does not fully cover the actual recovery costs.

Why can’t the County tell me exactly what Credit Card number or electronic check information I used when transacting the service?
This information is used over the internet.  To protect the citizen, only partial account information is stored and that information is encrypted.  While this is frustrating to citizens who may have entered incorrect information the benefit of protecting this data is crucial.  In most cases the citizen’s bank can confirm the data received from Colorado Interactive LLC, (CI).

While this represents the most frequently asked questions, additional information regarding the electronic processing of a payment can be directed to the customer service department of the State Portal.  The phone number is 303.534.3468 or the email address is [email protected]