Vehicle Temporary Tags

Douglas County Motor Vehicle offices can only title and register vehicles of residents of Douglas County. If you do not live in Douglas County please contact the Motor Vehicle office for the County that you reside in.

Temporary tags for new vehicle purchases

A temporary tag, valid for up to 60 days, may be issued when requested within 90 days of the purchase of a vehicle. If taxes have not been paid, the County collects the taxes when a permit is issued.

One or more of the following documents will also be required to obtain a temporary tag:

  • ID required – owner of record or Power of Attorney
  • Proof of current Colorado insurance – must be vehicle specific
  • Original title properly signed
  • Copy of the title to prove ownership with original notarized bill of sale
  • Pink temp slip from a dealer or your copy of the dealer paperwork
  • Letter from the bank or dealer indicating a problem with the lien or paperwork

Temporary tags due to expired registration

If a vehicle fails an emissions test, a 10-day temporary tag may be issued. The failed emissions test report is required to obtain a temporary tag.

Owners of vehicles with expired, out-of-state registration, may request a 10-day temporary tag for the purpose of obtaining a VIN inspection and/or emissions test.  There are no late fees for expired permits.

Special circumstances

Temporary tags may be issued for a number of other circumstances, please contact the Motor Vehicle Office for more information.