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Marriage License Application Process

Marriage License Applications are held confidential under Colorado Law.

Couples may apply for and receive a Marriage or Civil Union License in Douglas County, Colorado at 301 Wilcox Street in Castle Rock, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays).

When applying for a Marriage or Civil Union License the couple must first meet the general requirements and restrictions, listed below.

Provide Social Security Number (Required)

Per Colorado Revised Statute, the last four digits of a social security number is required on a marriage license application. The entire social security number is required for a Civil Union. If an applicant does not have a social security number, an affidavit provided by the Clerk’s Office must be signed stating that the party does not have a social security number.

Provide proof of Identity (Required)
Applicants must provide proof of identity and date of birth. All identity documents must be in English. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Current Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Military Identification
  • Birth Certificate (Presenting a birth certificate as proof of age and/or identity requires some form of photo ID.)
  • Tribal Identification Card

Marriage / Civil Union Fee (payable by cash or credit card only)
The fee of $30 is payable by cash or credit card only. Additional copies of the license (after recording) are $1.25 each. Shipping and handling charges may apply.

Prohibited Marriages / Civil Unions

  • Ancestor and descendant
  • Siblings
  • Uncle and Niece
  • Aunt and Nephew

Marriage or Civil Union between first Cousins is permitted in Colorado.

Applying for a Marriage or Civil Union License

The couple then applies for a Marriage or Civil Union by entering the applicant’s information into the Marriage or Civil Union online kiosk, which will significantly speed up the processing time when the parties appear in the Office of the Clerk and Recorder to obtain their license.

Please review the full list of requirements before beginning your application.

  • Licenses are valid for 35 days from the date of issuance
  • Licenses issued more than 35 days before the date of the ceremony will not be valid
  • Both parties must appear in person for the license to be issued. If this is not possible, one party must appear with a completed and notarized absentee affidavit and a legible copy of the ID used for the notary by the non-appearing party
  • If either party has been divorced the following information must be provided:
    • Date of the divorce
    • Type of court where the divorce took place
    • The city and state where the divorce occurred
  • Applicants for a license do not need to be Colorado residents
  • Licenses issued in Colorado are only valid for use in Colorado
  • Once the marriage or civil union has been solemnized, the license must be returned to the issuing County Clerk for recordation within 63 days from the date of the ceremony or a late fee will be assessed.Online Appointment

Please click the button to the right to schedule a Marriage or Civil Union License appointment at our Recording Office. Appointments may be scheduled 28 days in advance. If there are no openings, please try again the following morning.