Recording Documents

Why do documents get recorded? Colorado is a Race-Notice state – the recording of documents that affect real property must be made public record and serve as notice to others that someone has an interest in the property.

How do documents get recorded? Documents are sent to the Douglas County Recording office in paper or electronic format. For most documents recording fees are $13 for the first page and $5 for each additional page. Plats, oversized documents, Federal Tax Liens, and UCC fees are different.  Land Survey Plats are not subject to the Technology fees.  Please visit guidelines from the County Surveyor prior to sending an LSP for deposit.

What kinds of documents get recorded? Usually, the documents recorded in the Recording office are specific to real estate. However, any document that meets the margin requirements (top margin of 1 inch and bottom/side margins of at least 1/2 inch) can be recorded as long as the appropriate fee is received. If you are recording a document that will impact the ownership of your property,  we recommend you contact the Assessor’s office, an attorney and/or title company before proceeding.

Are you a business in need of recording services? Additional services are provided to entities who need access to Douglas County’s records for business purposes.

Documents can be recorded by anyone by providing appropriate fees along with the document submitted to the Douglas County Recording office during normal business hours, excluding holidays.  

How do I find out if anything has been recorded that names me or my property? Recording Indexes date back to 1983 and are available to the public online 24/7.

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