Recording the Marriage / Civil Union License

After the original Marriage or Civil Union License has been signed by all parties involved, it must be returned to the Castle Rock Recording Office. This must occur within 63 days after issuance of the license. After it has been registered, the original license will be returned to the address provided at the time of application. The license should be kept as a permanent record.

Any license not returned to our office within 63 days from the date of the ceremony shall incur a minimum late fee of not less than $20.00.

Never submit the original license to anyone for documentation purposes; you may not get it back. For circumstances requiring documentation of the marriage, a certified copy of the license or application may be obtained for $1.25 per copy. Please note that access to Marriage or Civil Union License applications is restricted under Colorado Law.  Contact the Recording Division with questions.  A copy of a Marriage or Civil Union License is not considered to be “official” unless it is obtained from the County Clerk’s Office.