Recording Documents

* New Recording Fees beginning January 1, 2017 *
As a result of the passing of SB16-115, Colorado Recording Fees will be calculated as follows:
$13 for the first page and $5 for each additional page for MOST recorded documents.
To minimize disruptions, please update your processes accordingly to avoid document rejection.

Changes or Corrections to Your Home Title

To change/add/remove names on the title to your property, we recommend you contact the Assessors office, an attorney and/or a title company before recording a document. Failure to do so could have unintended legal and financial implications. The Assessors office is responsible for conveying title to or changing title to real property. If the recorded document is incomplete or incorrect, the Assessor’s office will contact the owners and request a corrected document be recorded. Any document presented for recording will be subject to standard recording fees.


eRecording enables both submitters and receivers to create, sign, transmit, record, index, archive and return the original document – all without ever touching a piece of paper. eRecording increases the speed, decreases the cost and improves the accuracy of document filing.

Entities interested in eRecording may either contact one of currently contracted with the County or build their own interface.  Those interested in building their own interface should email for information and requirements.

Recording Paper Documents

Paper documents are recorded at our office and can be delivered in person, via courier or US Postal Service, and other delivery services such as Federal Express or UPS. Regardless of the method, documents should be delivered to:

Douglas County Clerk and Recorder
Real Estate Recordings
301 Wilcox Street/PO Box 1360
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

Once the document has been received, it is reviewed for submitter information, document type, grantor & grantee information, and recording fee. The document is scanned and assigned a unique reception number and the date & time stamped on the document. The scanned image is checked for quality and the document is then returned to the submitter

Fees are $13.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page. Plats, oversized documents and UCC fees may be found in the fee section below.   Please add a $3.00 technology surcharge to any of the fees listed below for recording documents (first page only).  Documents recorded in-person are generally returned to the submitter immediately, all others are generally returned to the submitter within two weeks.

Recording Fees

Fees of County Clerk and Recorders – State of Colorado
For filing or recording each document for which a fee is not specifically provided; *for the first page only. $5.00 for each additional page; except when acting as agent for Exec. Dir. DOR, then $5.00 per page 30-1-103(1)

 * $10.00

For taking and certifying Affidavit. 30-1-103(2)(a) $2.00
For each Certificate and Seal. 30-1-103-(2)(b) $1.00
For filing each Bond and License. 30-1-103-(2)(c) $5.00
For Certificate of Magistracy under Seal. 30-1-103-(2)(d) $2.00
For taking acknowledgments. 30-1-103-(2)(e) $2.00
For recording: town plats, subdivision plats, all other plats, and for recording all documents in excess of eight and one half inches in width and fourteen inches in length; per sheet. 30-1-103-(2)(f) $10.00
For entering subsequent taxes paid in tax sale record; for each certificate. 30-1-103-(2)(g) $5.00
For entering Certificate of Redemption in tax sale record; for each certificate. 30-1-103-(2)(h) $5.00
For copies of records; per page *not to exceed $.25 per standard page or not to exceed the actual cost of providing a copyFor copies of documents; per pageFor copy of Marriage License 24-72-205(5)  *$0.25
For recording all certificates, affidavits, deeds, or other documents containing the name of one or more mining claims, and for indexing the same under the name of each such mining claim; per page. 30-1-103-(2)(m) $5.00
For each mining claim name therein. 30-1-103-(2)(m) $0.25
Documentary fee on all documents granting or conveying title to real property; when total paid by purchaser exceed $500, for each $100 or major fraction thereof. 39-13-102(2)(b) $0.01
For Plat Copies. Seventy-five cents (.75) for each additional page. 24-72-205(5) $1.00
For registering each bond issue of any school district . 22-42-121 $25.00
For certifying school and other non-partisan voter registration lists; per name, but not less than $25.00 22-30-118 $0.01
For administering oaths and taking affidavits or depositions as provided in 30-10-416 shall receive fee prescribed by 30-1-103(2)(a). 30-10-418
For filing or recording and indexing each notice of lien certificate or notice affecting the lien. 38-25-105(1) $5.00
Fees for services of deputy while records are being photographed: per hour. (This fee need not be charged but if one party is charged, all parties must be charged the same.) 30-10-102(2) $10.00
For filing and indexing any financial statement, assignment, amendment, release or termination:- If the record is communicated in writing and consists of one or two pages.- If the record is communicated in writing and consists of more than two pages.- If the record is communicated by another medium authorized by filing-office rule. 4-9-525-(b)(1)4-9-525-(b)(2)4-9-525-(b)(3) $10.00
For request of information from a filing office which includes issuing a certificate showing whether there is on file any financing statement naming a particular debtor:-If the request is communicated in writing-If the request is communicated by another medium authorized by filing-office rule. 4-9-525-(e)(1)4-9-525-(e)(1) $5.00
For furnishing, certifying and affixing the seal to a copy of any notice of federal lien or notice or certificate affecting a federal lien.. 38-24-104(4) $5.00
Fees as Registrar of Titles
At or before the time of filing of the certified copy of the application with the registrar, the applicant shall pay to the registrar the fee prescribed by 38-36-186.
For granting certificates of title upon each application and registering the same. 38-36-198(1)(b) $20.00
For registering each transfer, including the filing of all instruments connected therewith, and the issuance and registration of the instruments connected therewith, and the issuance and registration of the new certificates of title. 38-36-198(1)(c) $20.00
When the land transferred is held upon any trust condition or limitation, an additional fee of: 38-36-198(1)(d) $5.00
For entry of each memorial on the register of titles, including the filing of all instruments and papers connected therewith, and endorsements upon duplicate certificates. 38-36-198(1)(e) $10.00
For issuing each additional owner’s duplicate certificate, mortgagee’s duplication certification, or lessee’s duplicate certificate 38-36-198(1)(f) $10.00
For filing copy of Will with letters testamentary, or filing copy of letters of administration and entering memorial thereof 38-36-198(1)(g) $10.00
For the cancellation of each memorial or charge: 38-36-198(1)(h) $10.00
For each certificate showing condition of the register of titles 38-36-198(1)(i) $20.00
For any certified copy of any instrument or writing on file in his office, the same fees now allowed by law to county clerks and recorders for like service 38-36-198(1)(j)
For any other service required or necessary to carry out this article, and not itemized in this section, such fee as the court determines and establishes 38-36-198(1)(k)
For recording a certificate of withdrawal or real property from the operation of the Torrens Title Registration Act 38-36-136(3) $5.00
Upon the original registration of land and also upon the entry of a certificate showing title as registered owners in heirs or devisees, there shall be paid to the registrar of titles $0.01 of the valuation for assessment of the real estate on the basis of the last assessment for general taxation, as an assurance fund. 38-36-136(1)


30-10-421(1). Beginning July 1, 2004, the County Clerk and Recorder shall collect a surcharge of one dollar for each document received for recording or filing in his or her office. (c) Beginning January 1, 2017 the County Clerk and Recorder shall collect the surcharge imposed by the Electronic Recording Technology Board under 24-21-40-(2) C.R.S. These surcharges shall be in addition to any other fees permitted by statute.

The Technology Board has identified the new surcharge as $3. the $3.00 surcharge should e added to the statutory recording fee listed above (first page only).


30-1-108. All officers of this state who are required to collect fees for their services, are required to make fair tables of their respective fees, and keep the same posted in their respective offices in some conspicuous place, for the inspection of all persons who shall have business in such office. Penalty $5.00 per day for each day not posted.

30-1-116(1). Every officer shall collect every fee, as prescribed for services performed by him or her in advance, if the same can be ascertained, and when any officer shall negligently or willfully fails to collect any such fee, the same shall be charged against his salary.