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Other Maps

In addition to parcel maps available elsewhere, the Assessor’s office has information on tax districts, subdivisions and a variety of other data. See the listings below to access these maps.

Some of these maps are extremely large. If you are having difficulty using a map online, you may download to your own computer by centering your mouse on the map listing and right clicking. Choose the “Save Target As” selection, enter a file name and save.

  • Economic Area Map 2021
    As part of the valuation process, the County is divided into seven economic areas. An economic area is a grouping of neighborhoods that have similar economic forces or geographic location.
  • Mill Levy Comparison Map
    This map reflects the differences in Mill Levies across Douglas County.
  • Subdivision & Municipal Boundary Map
    Map showing municipal boundaries within Douglas County. Use the slider at the top of the page to zoom into details.
  • Residential Value Change 2021
    This map reflects the percentage change in residential property value per the 2019 reappraisal.
  • Section,Township, Range Index Map
    Section maps are available through the parcel search options.
  • Tax District Detail Map
    Map with detailed views of Tax Districts in Douglas County. Tax Districts are subject to change each year depending on boundaries and amendments to the district.
  • Tax District Map
    This is a map of all Tax Districts in Douglas County. A Tax District is a unique combination of taxing authorities providing services to a particular area. Use the Adobe zoom and pan tools to view the detail of tax districts for individual parcels or areas.
  • Zip Code Map
    Map of Douglas County zip code areas. To find the correct zip code for an individual address, access the United States Postal Service at