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Assessors Office

Veteran Exemptions

For disabled veterans who qualify, 50 percent of the first $200,000 of actual value of the veteran’s primary residence is exempted. The state will reimburse the county treasurer for the lost revenue.  A disabled Veteran exemption is available to those applicants who:

  1. sustained a service-connected disability while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States. This includes members of the National Guard and Reserves who sustained their injury during a period in which they were called to active duty.
  2. were honorably discharged, AND
  3. were rated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as service-connected  one hundred percent “permanent and total” disabled, pursuant to a law and regulation administered by the department, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, or the Department of the Army, Navy or Air Force.


VA unemployability awards do not meet the requirement for determining an applicant’s eligibility.

The applicant must have owned and occupied the home as his or her primary residence since January 1 of the year of application; however, limited exceptions to the ownership and occupant requirements are detailed in the eligibility requirements section of the application. Owners of multiple residences may only designate one property as their primary residence. The application deadline is July 1.

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Completed applications should be submitted to the following address:

Douglas County Assessors Office
301 Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-660-7450

*As of 1/1/2024 applications should not be sent to the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs

For questions regarding eligibility, disability ratings and other veterans benefits please contact:

Douglas County Veterans Service Office
301 Wilcox Street – Garden Level
Castle Rock, CO 80104
[email protected]

Property Tax Exemptions for Disabled Veterans in Colorado

Click here for a brochure explaining eligibility requirements and filing deadlines for property tax exemptions for Disabled Veterans, their surviving spouses as well as Gold Star spouses.

Disabled Veterans Exemption

Instructions and application for the Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption and instructions for completing the application
Click here for application | Click here for instructions

Disabled Veterans Surviving Spouse Exemption Application

Instructions and application for the Disabled Veterans Surviving Spouse Property Tax Exemption
Click here for the combined instructions and application

Gold Star Spouse Exemption

Instructions and application for the Gold Star Spouse Property Tax Exemption
Click here for application | Click here for instructions

Douglas County Veterans Service Office