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Real Estate Data Center

A simple, but robust real estate search application. This is the best search to find specific information about a single property or short list of properties.

Advanced Search –
Our advanced querying tool that allows user to enter custom criteria and retrieve a list of parcels with flexible attribute data options. The information generated is based upon existing public records, documents and information provided to the Douglas County Assessor’s Office.

Assessor Data
A series of downloadable data files that contain a significant portion of the Assessor’s real property database. Optionally, an MS Access DB with all seven files is available for relational querying methodologies.
Douglas County’s premier real estate analytics dashboard. Search to locate and analyze a specific neighborhood, zip code, municipality or political district by various means including sales and building permits trends, census data and property taxes.

DougCo Hub –
DougCo Hub is our primary catalog of publicly available tabular data. Here you will find the data that underpins many of the data products we provide; as well as tools to chart, graph, visualize, and create data views that are specific to your needs.

GIS Open Data
The GIS Services Team develops and produces standard maps that are available for internal (Douglas County Departments) and external customers. A wide range of standard maps are available, including transportation, land use, political, geologic, and other information.

Assessor Custom
A traditional, legacy service provided by Assessor staff to the public when other data sources do not meet requirements. This is a custom service that incurs a charge related to the complexity of the work.