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Recording Business Services

Entities who need access to Douglas County’s records for business purposes have several options:

Public Document Access (PDA) – requires a signed agreement for each user accessing Indexes back to 1983 and watermarked images from 1994 forward. Unwatermarked copies must be paid for at current rates. Subscriptions are $50 per year and the year runs from February 1st of each year through January 31st of the following year. Annual renewal letters are sent to all current users in December or January.

Bulk Data Subscription (FTP) – provides subscribers with a secure username and password to an FTP server to download images and index files. Subscribers are charged for both index/image files even if they choose not to download one or the other. Historical images/indexes can be provided. A signed agreement and deposit are required.

Escrow Account – if a business would like to open an escrow account to use for copies or recording documents, they may do so by sending in a letter on company letterhead. Individuals allowed to charge copies should be identified. A minimum deposit of $100 is required. Please provide an email address if you wish to have monthly account statements emailed.