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Information Collection

The first step in the assessment process is to gather information on ownership, location, use, sales, building measurements, construction type, construction costs, land characteristics and rental income.

Primary sources for this information are real property deeds and declarations, subdivision maps, building permits, and local building contractors. Other primary sources are declarations filed by owners of taxable personal property and appraisers who conduct on-site inspections to gather land and building characteristics. The Assessor stores, updates, and maintains this information for current and future use in the assessment process. Other factors that influence value may be location, availability of services, and rental rates.

A property’s value may alter over time due to physical changes such as new rooms finished in the basement or extensive remodeling and modernization. Changes made to maintain your property’s current value such as painting your home, replacing your roof or making repairs would not necessarily increase the value of the property. If  maintenance tasks are not performed and the condition of the home would deteriorate it could adversely affect the value.

Most of the information gathered by the Assessor is public record and all of the public information available on individual properties is provided on our website through the property search.