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Assessor Online Services

DC Maps

Real Property interactive mapping and search application.

Business Asset Listings

View, edit and submit your personal property declaration online.

Change of Mailing Address

To protect the taxpayer from an erroneous address change, the address currently used by the Assessor’s Office will not be changed without the owner’s written, signed, and dated consent.

Find Property Sales

A Study Period Sales Search will return all the verified sales of the selected criteria for the current sales study period, currently between 07/01/2018 and 06/30/2020. The sales study period data is a listing of all sales that have been verified by the Assessor’s Office as an “arms length” transaction.

File an Appeal Online

This application may only be used from May 1st through June 1st for appeals of your real property Notice of Value (NOV).

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search reporting tool is an intuitive application that enables the user to create a variety of data sets free of charge. The information generated is based upon existing public records, documents and information provided to the Douglas County Assessor’s Office. Our data is updated nightly.

Data Downloads

These downloadable text files are complete records within the Assessor’s Office database and are designed to be used for reporting needs by the public.

Custom Reporting

The Assessor’s Office now provides public access to a large selection of common data elements for self-service reporting to meet almost any parameter you require at no cost, however if your needs exceed what is now readily available a custom report can be obtained based on an hourly rate.

Foreclosure Information

Link to the Douglas County Public Trustee’s website.