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Residential Sales – 2021 Reappraisal

The Douglas County Assessor’s Office offers several options for researching sales. Please see the detailed instructions below and click on the links provided.

Research Sales From Parcel Detail Page

  • From the Assessor Home Page, search for a parcel by account number, street address number or owner.
  • Select the property from the results, and the Property Details page will open. This page contains a summary of all current information pertaining to a property, including maps, valuation and estimated tax information, sales and property characteristics.  The property “long form” Notice of Valuation is accessed by clicking on the Documents link.
  • By clicking on the link “View Comparable Sales” below the property ownership, sales from the same neighborhood and sub-neighborhood, style and quality of construction are automatically selected.
  • The search can then be narrowed or expanded by adding or taking away from the selection criteria at the top of the page.

Research Sales of Condominium Units with Detached Garage

These sales pertain to Condominium developments who may include Detached Garage units in their sales and therefore are not included in our traditional residential sales book. Please access this file should your property fall within this unique category.  Condominium Units

Research Sales with Advanced Search

  • Advanced Search is a convenient online tool to help property owners, businesses and other organizations create custom reports from the Douglas County Assessor’s extensive database. It’s easy to use and provides great flexibility in when gathering information from the assessor website. Click here for Advanced Search
  • To research sales, select the Sales Information report.
  • Fill in the search criteria; Advanced Search provides twenty-three different criteria that provide for as much flexibility as possible.
  • It is essential that the sale date range be filled out to reflect the sales study period beginning July 1, 2016, and ending June 30, 2018. This information is NOT automatically filled in.
  • The search can then be narrowed or expanded by adding or taking away from the selection criteria at the top of the page.
  • Sales can be downloaded into a CSV or Excel file for further analysis.

Additional Resources

Sales Grid Limited Adjustments
This is an example of adjustments used by residential appraisal staff when adjusting comparable sales to a subject property when reviewing an appeal.

Colorado Division of Property Taxation
State’s Division of Property Taxation website.

Property Tax Calculations
How to Calculate Taxes – This is a step by step illustration of how to calculate property tax.