Economic Development

The Benefits of Economic Development

Economic development is directly linked to a community’s long term health and sustainability. A robust and diverse economy provides employment opportunities for County residents, as well as the commercial property tax revenue that allows the County to provide essential services to citizens. Sales and property tax revenue help pay for essential services such as law enforcement, snow removal, road system maintenance, building permitting and inspection, as well as the acquisition of open space.

Economic development programs work to promote a business-friendly regulatory and tax environment, resulting in a significantly improved potential to attract new businesses, and retain and grow existing businesses. When a positive environment exists in which businesses and entrepreneurs are able to flourish, the result is a strong and vigorous economy.

Facilitating the creation of greater wealth in the County leads to a flourishing economy. This is done primarily through the retention, expansion and recruitment of primary jobs, new capital investment in the community, visitors/tourists spending money in the County. (Primary jobs are those jobs that export products and services and import new dollars into the County. The new dollars brought in by primary jobs circulate within the County in the form of salaries and other business expenditures, which in turn support jobs in the retail, business services, personal services and other sectors. Not defined by size, both large and small employers can provide primary jobs.)

Because building a sustainable economy does not happen overnight, a long-term perspective is essential to any successful economic development effort.

Douglas County’s Economic Development program provides the leadership and direction to create an economically vibrant community that is recognized as one of America’s most attractive business environments and distinctive, high quality of life communities. Staff provides professional services to businesses and those seeking to establish businesses. Our economic development office can provide you with:

  • The latest economic and demographic statistical information about the County and regional market.
  • Assistance in locating land, buildings, or commercial space.
  • Guidance through the development and permitting process.
  • Information on state and local incentive programs.

The County works with businesses, as well as public and private organizations to match resources with those who can use them.