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Open Space

Decode Douglas County Outdoors

2024 Decode Booklets are now available.  Get yours today and Crack the Code!

Looking for that get-away feeling, but want to stay close to home? Was outdoor fun with friends or family what you had in mind? It’s time to discover Decode Douglas County Outdoors, a partnership with Douglas County Open Space and Douglas Land Conservancy, and let the adventure begin.

How to participate

How to participate

  1. Pick up or print your free 2024 Decoder Booklet.  One booklet per person is allowed. Each family member may complete their booklet. Read the rules
  2. Bring a crayon or pencil.
  3. Visit the first location. The first location is LOCATION J. (This letter corresponds to the locations in the booklet on pages 4-7).
  4. Find the post with the numbered plaque. The booklet contains hints for the post locations.
  5. Next, simply place the first box on page 8 of the booklet over the plaque and rub your crayon/pencil over the plaque.  The number in the center of the rubbing is the first number of the code that opens the locks on the treasure chest.
  6. Write down the letter for the second location as indicated on the sign below the plaque.
  7. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have visited all eight locations.
  8. Once you have collected all eight numbers use them to unlock the locks on the treasure chest outside the Douglas County Parks Office at 9651 S. Quebec Street, Littleton, CO 80130.
  9. Numbers from the first through fourth locations correspond to the BLACK lock on the treasure chest.
  10. Numbers from the fifth through eighth locations correspond to the GOLD lock on the treasure chest.
  11. When the treasure chest is open, submit your booklet, and relock the locks.
  12. Decode Douglas County Outdoors is an annual program running from January 1 through December 1.
  13. All completed booklets must be submitted by December 1.
  14. After December 1 each year, the locations and codes will change.
  15. You can play multiple years.


Decode Booklet Locations

Decode booklets can only be picked up at the following locations.  Remember, you can always print a booklet by clicking here.

  • Philip S. Miller County Building – lobby
    100 Third Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104
    Booklets are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Note: This location is closed on the weekend.
  • Douglas County Parks Office – outdoor brochure holder
    9651 South Quebec Street, Littleton, CO 80130.


  • Douglas County and Douglas Land Conservancy employees and immediate family members are not eligible for the grand prizes.
  • The program is available to everyone, residents, and non-residents.
  • The 2024 program runs from January 1 through December 6.  The program is inactive during December while the code is reset.
  • Booklets must be completed and received by December 6.
  • Please start and complete your booklet within the same calendar year.  Booklets from previous years are not accepted.
  • One booklet per person, per year is allowed. Individuals in the same household may each submit their own booklet.
  • Participants may play every year, as the codes change each year.
  • Grand prizes will be drawn in December each year.
  • Booklets will be returned with your prize and you will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing.
  • If you have trouble finding a post? Use the map for help.
  • Please stay on trails and follow all regulations.

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