In observance of the Juneteenth federal and state holiday, all Douglas County Government offices will be closed Wednesday, June 19. Offices will reopen on Thursday, June 20, for normal business.



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About my property tax

Electronic Notification Option: Use the email verification key provided on your statement/postcard to sign up for email tax statement delivery. Upon locating your parcel using the Treasurer parcel search application click on the Verify My Email link listed under the Account Links section on your property tax account page. Enter the “key code” along with your email address in the boxes.   Taxpayers with multiple accounts may have multiple codes. Each unique code requires registration.

Delinquent payments will incur a 1% interest charge per month.  USPS postmarks are accepted as the date received in the Treasurer’s office, however please be aware that the post office may not postmark your envelope on the same day it is deposited in the mailbox.

We offer an online sale of tax liens, process abatements and monitor bankruptcy proceedings.


The Treasurer’s office bills property taxes according to ownership, value, and mill levies as received from the Assessor tax roll at the end of the year.  The Treasurer does not determine either the tax rate or the assessed value.  To see how your taxes are calculated visit the Assessor’s webpage.  Taxes are calculated by multiplying the Assessor’s assessed value times the total tax rate (mill levy).

Chat Feature – Initiate a real-time chat session with staff by clicking on the conversation link on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  Chat may also be initiated via text messaging (SMS) by sending your text to 720-709-1618.

We welcome your comments please feel free to contact us by email [email protected] or phone at 303.660.7455 with any comments or questions.

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Property Research Links

Where do my taxes dollars go?

Searchable map to help homeowners see how tax dollars are distributed based on location.

Your Douglas County Taxes

Assessor Valuation

See how the Assessor determines the Actual and Assessed value of your home and the calculation of taxes you will pay

Property tax calculation

Research parcels

Searchable map application to locate parcel information based on address

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