Water – among our most precious natural resources.

There is no higher priority for the Douglas County Commissioners than partnering with our water providers to secure a dependable and sustainable water supply – our focus for more than a decade to make sure there’s water today and for generations to come.

It’s a balanced approach that mirrors the one endorsed by our state leaders that uses every technique available–conservation, increased efficiency, reuse and expanded storage.

Today, 98% of all Douglas County residents and businesses served by central water service are now covered by a State-accepted water conservation plan. That’s one of the reasons the South Denver Metro Region has reduced its per capita water use by 30% since 2000.

But conservation is only part of the solution. The State has made water efficiency a priority and our region is leading the way.

Realizing that storage is a key component of a viable water strategy, our region has increased storage with the construction of Reuter-Hess Reservoir and the expansion of Chatfield Reservoir.

We are partnering with our water and wastewater authorities on projects like Roxborough Water’s delivery of renewable long-term water supplies to communities in Northwestern Douglas County and we’ve reserved 2,775 acre-feet of WISE water supplies for future use within the county.

And, along with our water providers we’ve partnered with Denver Water and Aurora Water on the WISE Project. Created through the collaboration of  Colorado Western Slope and Front Range communities, it could serve up to 50,000 households per year with water.

Those are just a few examples. Here’s where you can find the whole story, as well as what’s being done to maintain water quality.

Douglas County is a founding member of the Colorado Clean Water Coalition. And while we are required by state and Federal regulations to provide flood protection and storm water quality, our programs have been recognized as among the leaders in both the state and nation in storm water management.

Because a commitment to water quality and a dependable water supply protects property values, jobs, our economy and our quality of life.