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History Repository

Douglas County History Repository

In December 2007, the Board of County Commissioners established the Douglas County History Repository as a facility to curate archaeological and historic resources from gifts, trades and purchases, and under permits issued by the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. This is where the cultural and historic resources are stored until there is a Douglas County museum established.

The Douglas County History Repository is dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, display, and curation of historic and prehistoric cultural materials.  The materials derived are from, and relevant to, the cultural and natural history of Douglas County, the Palmer Divide, the High Plains, and the State of Colorado.  The DCHR operates for research, education, and curation purposes, to preserve in perpetuity, for the public benefit, the history of the County from the time of the earliest human inhabitants to the present.


A professionally trained curator provides management and technical services and is responsible for the collection, preservation, and use of historic and prehistoric cultural materials.  In addition, they supervise and train volunteers, oversee loan agreements and requests from qualified individuals and organizations for research and carry out public outreach and education about the Repository and Douglas County prehistory and history.

The curator also works with the HPB to provide Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act referral review comments. Every time a federal action is undertaken which may impact historic properties that are listed on, or eligible for, the National Register of Historic Places, a Section 106 review process is required. The referrals reviewed by the curator provide the opportunity for comment on the effects of the federal action on historic properties and to suggest mitigating measures.


In addition to a curator, the Repository has volunteers who help to catalog, clean, and document artifacts that are acquired through archaeological projects, and donations.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Brittany Cassell at [email protected]

Virtual History Museum

To view some of the artifacts housed at the Repository, please click here to access the Virtual History Museum. Collections consist of prehistoric and historic cultural material 50 years of age or older.

The majority of paper-based documents are housed at the Douglas County History Research Center, in the Douglas County Public Library.

Curation Agreements

Cultural resource firms request curation agreements in order to have a location to deposit artifacts that have been excavated in the County or the region. Whenever possible, the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) encourages archaeologists to deposit artifacts in a repository located in proximity to where the artifacts were excavated. This keeps the artifacts within its prehistoric or historic context.


Cultural materials may be loaned to qualified institutions or individuals under a specific loan policy set by the curator, provided that the borrower executes and delivers a Cultural Materials Loan Agreement.  A loan agreement specifies the care, preservation, and exhibition criteria and identifies a date that the material must be returned to the Repository.  Loans may be for any period of time, extending a loan requires executing a new loan agreement.  Cataloged materials may be available on loan to Douglas County organizations, such as historical societies, local museums, and other entities at the discretion of the curator.