Official results of the 2018 General Election are now available

The official results of the 2018 General Election in Douglas County can be found by visiting the Colorado Secretary of State’s website at https://results.enr.clarityelections.com/CO/Douglas/91828/Web02.222611/#/ For Statewide official General Election results please visit https://results.enr.clarityelections.com/CO/91808/Web02-state.222648/#/ Be among the first to receive news as it happens. Sign up here and select your specific news focus and delivery preferences.

Douglas County releases updated, unofficial General Election results

Today’s updated, unofficial results of Douglas County’s 2018 General Election may be found on douglasvotes.com The next and final, unofficial results will be reported to the Secretary of State and released to the public following the processing of Provisional Ballots on November 15. For additional information about 2018 General Election results and post-election activity, including a… Read On

Douglas County updates unofficial election results

Updated unofficial election results can be found on douglasvotes.com As of this update there are approximately 11,000 additional ballots to be processed.  Elections staff will continue working to process ballots tomorrow. For additional information about 2018 General Election Results and Post Election Activity visit www.douglas.co.us/elections/2018-general-election-results-and-post-election-activity-faqs/